Middlehammer Open Warfare

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Middlehammer Open Warfare


After the success of the last Middlehammer event, and chatting to some others, we have decided to run another event. We changing the name and time of year the event will be heard to avoid and confusion and clashes with other wargaming events (as much as possible)

With the Nottingham, Warhammer World as a venue (http://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/), myself and a few other thought it be great to get some small games, trading, and meet & greet, with others with a similar interest!

I like to invite everyone to come along and take part or even organise your own games. We'll be focusing primarily on GW games from the present and past.

The venue has the capacity for numerous 6*4 tables.

Some of the games I would hope folks would like to play are the following (not an exclusive list):

Rogue Trader - (Did anyone mention it will be it 30th Birthday in 2017)
Battlefleet Gothic
Epic/Netepic/Titan Legions
Dark Future
Man O war

I have not mentioned editions, as I would want to be inclusive to anyone interested!

So hopefully this is of some interest to folks! I will update this over time to suit any questions that people may have!
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Re: Middlehammer Open Warfare

Up for doing dark Future
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Re: Middlehammer Open Warfare

adlard.matthew wrote:Up for doing dark Future

Good man!

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Re: Middlehammer Open Warfare

Games Post - Please drop me am PM or a comment for the table required for your games for our next event. All the tables are 6x4 - So if you need a 4x4 you will get 2x4 free :P
If you need a flat table let me know, so I can arrange for the table toppers to be removed!

so far

Mordhiem Monster Hunt Game 6x4
Rogue Trader 6x4
BFG 6x4
40k 6x4
40k Killteam 6x4
3rd WHFB 6x4
Epic 6x4
WHFB 6x4
Dark Future 6x4

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