Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

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Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

After attending BOYL 2014, a year seems a long time to wait, so I am hoping to put on a game at Wargames Foundry in October/November. This would be a one day game, probably starting 10am on Saturday until early evening. At BOYL they were encouraging about the possibility of hosting further games, but I will need to confirm this with them.

I have begun planning a RT style game with an interesting scenario for about 4 to 6 players, with various objectives and sub-plots. I can supply all required models, scenery and player briefings. Are there some players in the Nottingham area (or further if you can manage the travel), who would be interested in this? If you are then please make yourself known, and if we get enough interest then I will make further arrangements.

On a related note, I exchanged details with someone in the Beeston area, which I promptly lost, and I can't even remember his name (sorry)! Anyway, you would be particularly welcome.
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Re: Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

Yep always interested, Nottignham based.

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Re: Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

Might be up for this, please keep me updated.

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Re: Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

I would be up for it too. I have marines or imp guard

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Re: Possible Autumn 40K game at Foundry

I'm in.

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