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Re: BOYL Organisation

adlard.matthew wrote:people who are not serious gamers just board gamers know of Oldhammer.

Wow, don't let some board gamers I know hear you describe them as "not serious gamers"! Besides, I certainly don't consider myself a serious gamer, in my experience that way lies closed minds and bickering. :D
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Re: BOYL Organisation

:p that was meant as non serious mini gamers, but was chatting to some friends and someone over heard and mentioned Oldhammer in the conversation. It has become a real word and aspect
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Re: BOYL Organisation

You have the right of it Zhu, I'm sure all of those currently planning to attend have more than enough on their plates - to contemplating debating this in earnest, I know I certainly don't - but while I'm there, I'll be happy to ruminate with any who'd care to broach the subject. 8-)

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Zhu Bajie wrote:Ask not what BOYL can do for you, but what you can do for BOYL.

Seriously, the best time to take stock and think about the future would be after this years event. AFAIK the whole thing has been single-handedly orchestrated by Gaj/Weazil with some helping hands along the way pitching in, including the very generous donation of Boylee Idol, and probably most importantly the people who want to put on games over the weekend organising their wicked cool stuff.

It might appear that interest in BOYL is growing, but without qualifying that interest by measuring both turnout and success (did everyone have a good time?) it's really just guesswork. Just to add to that, it looks like most of the games are being run by people who've been members here for years, rather than newly interested peeps.
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Re: BOYL Organisation

Hi all

Good to see the discussion - this is exactly what this thread was asking for.

Blue is right. It is the generosity of Foundry that allows us to be as organic and anarchic (in the good sense) as we have.

Were it not for this fact, things would have to be much more formal.

I think we will sorely miss the informality of our arrangement with Foundry (and internally amongst the 'organsers) and I suspect once we lose it, we won't be able to return to it either, so we should be careful.

My primary reason for starting the thread was to open the organisation of BOYL to everyone. Although we (the erstwhile organisers...) have mainly used polls to determine our paths, I can see places where people may have wanted more (or less) of something. Being able to step up and say 'Oooh, can I have a go?' is a very big part of an anarchic community, and I think we're a very good example of one of those (anarchic in the good sense again). I think we need to be very careful in assuming that formality is the next step: it's just a means of organisation.

As an interesting side note, we have only had 44 'official' registrations, with the facebook page recording about 100 claiming they will attend. I'm assuming about 120 max this year, but I would be very interested to see what actually transpires. It might even be that the community is beginning to erode BOYL simply because as we grow, it is getting easier to find games closer to home than it ever used to be.

I'm also interested to see the trend of skirmish over large-scale game - at this stage only 11 full-scale warhammer armies are scheduled to make an appearance, compared to twice that for both fantasy and sci-fi skirmish.


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Re: BOYL Organisation

My lack of bringing a big game is simply because after the siege game last year everyone wanted a change of pace. I certainly hope to get people on board for a big game next year.

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