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Post Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:26 pm

Re: BOYL Organisation

I agree with others that last year's weekend ran smoothly and worked well.

The only organisation that I would like to see is the firming up of timings for each game a little earlier to avoid commitment clashes. I'm not saying that this was a major issue last time, but there was some last minute manoeuvring.

I don't see this as a massive undertaking. The proposed game thread can be easily up-dated and the visual schedule that Weazil did for last year was excellent. Getting these done a little earlier would ease a number of possible issues.

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Re: BOYL Organisation

Apologies if I've stepped on any of the previous posts but I started this last night and didn't press the submit button! Anyway here's my initial two pennies worth. 8-)

Not sure what to say regarding how I'd like to see BOYL develop, as my experiences of the previous shows have been limited to either putting on a large game with the aid of Nico or attempting to take part in the large siege game organized by Erny, Thantsants & others with varying degrees of success due to a series of unfortunate events for others!
The first year was a small meeting of like-minded people with a passion for their past, present and future interests and I think most, if not, all those attending come away on a high and with a will to do something similar again. Last year was a pretty damp squib for me as I ended up withdrawing from the siege game to ferry my models to a safe place; so I could take Harry and the crew back home, following their car accident. But, there were highlights - Chico's Judge Dredd game, Saturday night in the Great Western & the drive home all good fun. :lol: :lol: :lol:
As previously said elsewhere - The Ansell's are great hosts and without their support I doubt very much whether this event would have even got off the ground; given their continuing support - Foundry's new venue is limited and I certainly wouldn't like to attend an event there with more than a couple of hundred wargamers as the event would loose some of its charms for me.
So to cut to the chase - without a lot more input from those taking part - I'd like to see BOYL turn into, not one big event but a number of small events spread throughout the year,giving those who can't attend the one in August another chance to meet up, what ya think?

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Re: BOYL Organisation

Leromides wrote:I think last year worked well. I certainly didn't encounter any problems other than signing myself up for too much. Speaking as someone who frequents the facebook group far more than the forum I still feel the forum should be the main site for organising things. Having the event details in two different places risks confusion.

Agreed; the advantage with the forum is that things don't simply appear and disappear - there's a record of what's planned that you can come back to. This is essential - you need people to be able to see what's being planned and discuss it over periods of weeks and months, not just days.
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Re: BOYL Organisation

antipixi wrote:The only organisation that I would like to see is the firming up of timings for each game a little earlier to avoid commitment clashes. I'm not saying that this was a major issue last time, but there was some last minute manoeuvring.


Agreed. Last year I decided to just turn up and join in with stuff on the spot. This year I've already provisionally signed up for lots and I need to know soon which models to devote my limited spare time to!

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Re: BOYL Organisation

Everything looked great last time, but if we're creating growth:

1) What is the event even called!?! We've got people here calling it BOYL and the hosts calling it Oldhammer Weekend. Pick a name, use it consistently. Branding works ;)
2) Broaden the reach. Set a date, define what facilities (tables) are available and invite more people to run games. Don't limit it to people who've already found the forum, open it up to warseer,, wherever people might be interested (or not), but give more people a chance to get involved.
3) Use one single, central, publicly accessible point for event information. One place for people to pitch their game ideas, set a cut-off date for pitches so the games can be organised. The forum is ideal, but the much neglected old-hammer blog could also work? Communicate clearly what kind of games are expected and what facilities are available. Decide how over / under-subscription and drop-outs are to be handled, so nobody gets all butt-hurt when their game doesn't get an allocated table.
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Re: BOYL Organisation

I don't think we should be creating growth I think it is more a question of managing it. With that in mind I would suggest we deliberately don't broaden the reach I suspect numbers will be up anyway and although I do think last year worked very well I feel there wouldn't need to be too many more attendees for Foundry to struggle as a comfortable venue. Paul's suggestion of multiple weekends has its merits and I would only start advertising more widely if we were going down that road.

Yes we should settle on a name. I vote to go with BOYL. I do think the forum is the best place to keep all the info together.

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Re: BOYL Organisation

That's really just managing the status quo rather than managing growth.

The nature of the event will be largely self-limiting, how many additional games would one expect from posting on Warseer or 1? 5? certainly I don't imagine large enough numbers to substantively overburden Foundry's facilities or the organisational skills of the volunteers. And if there is an unprecedented level of demand, then other options such as a bigger marquee or multiple dates could be organised - all parties willing. Without firstly generating and secondly qualifying that additional demand, then such things, which are surely beneficial to all parties - more choice, more games, more fun - won't occur.

Walking into Mordor requires gifts from the elves,a guide who knows the secret paths, and a full scale Gondorian army to act as a diversion - and that takes planning. But yes, we should be wary of those who wish to claim the Ring as their own, be they noble in intent as Boromir, or small minded as Gollum ;-)
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Re: BOYL Organisation

I think that the event is likely to be bigger than last time. You are right that it will be self limiting eventually but I wouldn't want to see one of the limiting factors in that process being people having a poor experience because of feeling overcrowded. I have no concerns about the skills of the organisers but from what I saw last year I'm not sure I share your optimism on what Foundry can do unless they have opened more space in the meantime. We need to get a good idea of numbers already coming before we go looking for more. Yes, more people may bring more fun but there is a sweet spot beyond which greater numbers makes the fun diminish.

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Re: BOYL Organisation

Hi guys

Apologies for creating a thread and then just going dark. February hasn't been a great month and, the way things are going, it seems things will be getting worse until I retire in 2030 or thereabouts...

Nevertheless, today is BOYL day, so I'm catching up on all the things I need to do, including this thread.

So, I get the impression that we're pretty happy with the constructive anarchy we currently have (I am - my recommendation would have been to change nothing) so really, I guess nothing much changes. I do agree, however, that BOYL now needs its own brand and therefore its own website (chiefly to allow for the facebook/forum split, really). This will also make it easier to 'market' to other communities who may not be 'oldhammer' but are still interested.

Its an interesting point being raised about growth and whether or not we should encourage it. It sounds like we're feeling Foundry might not be able to grow much more? I'd certainly expect them to have much more space this year once their venue upgrades are complete. I'll be talking to them about that shortly, but for now it sounds like we'll leave BOYL 2015 to market itself 'organically' and consider whether or not a drive for growth should take place at the next one?

Am I reading the communal mindset correctly?


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Re: BOYL Organisation

I feel you are ! And thanks for taking the reins once again ;)

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