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Rise of Morcar: MonsterQuest

The nights draw in and fires begin to be set in hearths across the Old World. Towns and villages gather inside their palisades and lock the gates against the dark, for as winter begins to fall the growing shadows in the forests and marshes bring dread to these isolated hamlets. Around the fires tales are told of times gone past before order came to the Empire and when those who can remember lived in fear of Orcs, Goblins and much worse. Times when the creatures of darkness were guided by a fell purpose known as Morcar, lord of the pit. The firelight brings comfort as the tales are woven, for all know that Morcar perished long ago, brought down by a courageous alliance of Elves, Dwarfs, Men of the Empire and Norscans.

But as the people gather to tell their stories, scare the children and retire to bed trusting in the defences around them there are once more sinister shadows lengthening outside. Strangers travelling the land, unearthing tunnels long sealed shut, holding whispered conferences with those seeking power and visiting with Greenskins. Rumours are spreading of grave snatching and mysterious disappearances. The name of Morcar is again being heard outside of the usual fireside yarns. The incursions on the borders are growing again in frequency and appear to be more united in purpose and guided in strategy than before. Can it be that the lord of the pit is gathering once more an army to besiege the Empire?

Ahead of the Big F Game in March ( the plan is to have a forum-wide narrative campaign, the outcomes of which will influence how the main game at Foundry plays out. For my part I would like to propose a reverse HeroQuest series- MonsterQuest if you will. The agents and lieutenants of Morcar are working to unite evil once more under their master's control and to reopen the dungeons and tunnels sealed by the enemies of Morcar.

To get started, here are 20 trial 'Hero Cards' that can be used to run humans, dwarfs and elves as Monsters in games of HeroQuest.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INVOLVED in the MonsterQuest campaign (there may be other elements, this is JUST for MonsterQuesting) please post below with your location. At the end of the first week in September I will divide up by regions and assign at least one Lieutenant of Morcar and at least one Tunnel Guardian per region (PM me if you have preference for being a goodie or baddie- remembering that in MonsterQuest it will be a team of baddies against a 'good wizard player' (Tunnel Guardian). There'll then be at least one event a month (September-March) in each region with the option to play a game based on that event. You can play as many games as you like in between and I'll fit them into the narrative. If you aren't able to play on any given month the outcome will be determined for you. Virtual games are totally acceptable and extra credit will be given for nicely presented battle reports. Lieutenants of Morcar are responsible for coordinating the forces of evil in a region, if you AREN'T a Lieutenant of Morcar but still playing a baddie then you are a Minion. Minions are welcome to rise up against their Lieutenants if and when they dare! :)