USA Fall In Lancaster PA

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USA Fall In Lancaster PA

Anyone going to HMGS Fall In here in the states?
I would be up for some Rogue Trader or 3rd edition Wfb?
Or maybe just hang out drink brews and trade miniatures?


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Re: USA Fall In Lancaster PA

I have seen some sporadic updates on this on the FaceBook page, but is there a thread on here with some news? (Can we get a sticky thread for the Colonies?) :P

As for me, I am trying to prep for Rogue Trader myself and am pretty sure that BullDogLopez is running an event. If you are coming Bill, what will you be running...I could make a guess based on the name, but in Rogue Trader I am finding its not so clearcut. :)

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Re: USA Fall In Lancaster PA

Hi gents,

Unfortunately not making it to Fall In (I think I already missed it) but I will try and make Historicon if it is in Fredricksburg again this year. We are planning on having our US Oldhammer Day in PA this year in August. If you are on facebook I can send you the event invitation. If not we can post details here on the forum.
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Re: USA Fall In Lancaster PA

I'll be working up an event listing for the August Oldhammer in the New World event in the near future. But for now it is the Weekend of August 7-9 in Allentown PA.


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