Oldhammer at Warhammer World 2014

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Warhammer World Event

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will absolutely definitely attend - best thing evar!
like to attend + bring stuff + run a game
like to attend + bring stuff
like to attend
unlikely to attend
vehemently opposed to the idea
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Re: Oldhammer at Warhammer World 2014

Zhu Bajie wrote:http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m3520006a_Warriors_code_V1.2.pdf

Rule 5. Your Army List must be selected from a current Codex or Army Book

So it looks like it's going to have to involve selling the idea into GW at some level...

Those rules only apply to events organised by WHW. If we wanted to book some tables, turn up and play, then I think we would be fine.

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Re: Oldhammer at Warhammer World 2014

Warhammer World is an odd one in that no one takes much notice of what you do there as long as you are pushing GW models around. If a dozen mates book tables and turn up and play amongst themselves I doubt you need to discuss anything with the whw staff. If you want a formal event however I suspect you are looking at all sorts of restrictions and GW red tape. I used to attend lots of independent weekend events there and these have now been heavily discouraged so that GW can run their own (and who can blame them from a commercial point of view I suppose).

If you are expecting a warm welcome by the powers that be I fear (and I hope I am wrong) that you may be disappointed (unlike Foundry of course). My personal view would be to set a date when there isn't a big event on.....find out who wants to come and play etc and just book tables and go and do it 'informally'. You could still invite Blanche etc on a personal basis to come along and visit/join in a game with a bunch of old retro enthusiasts. Just my 2 cents as our transatlantic cousins say.

A formal approach may however be met with unbridled enthusiasm and co-operation and I suppose you could always try that route first and then fall back on an informal 'below the radar' approach?

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