Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

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Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

I´m proud to annonce that were arranging a small oldhammer meet in Oulu, northern Finland this october. As far as I know this the the very first oldhammer meet or show ever in Finland.
I will be in charge of the arrangements with the help of my gaming buddies. The meet will be at local gaming store Fantasiapelit https://www.fantasiapelit.com/index.php?main=info&sub=oulu.

The meet will be open for everyone free of charge.

As this is the first time we´re doing this and there is just three months to the meet we´re keeping small. I will be running 3rd ed. WFB on a couple of tables with small (1000 points) armies. Visitors can just step in and play to get a feel on what the 3rd edition is or to refresh their memory of rules etc.

There will be Finnish champioships for troll slaying (a rip of from BOYL 2017 giant slaying game) thats a bring-your-dwarf-model-and-start-slaying type of thing. Another bring your models and play should be jousting competition for knights of all races (another rip off from BOYL 2017).

Some RoC influenced Mordheim scenarios will be run too and I´m trying to get one of my byddies to arrange a Judge Dredd table.

There are plenty of gaming tables at Fantasiapelit gaming room so visitors can bring their own armies and do battle if they want to.

We´re also trying to get one of the more talented painters from ORLY to have a painting clinique for those who held a brush last time when goblin green and titillating pink were new things. ORLY is a Oulu based gaming club that arranges gaming events quite regularly and they have some very good painters there. And I´m hoping for them to come and do a demo on the new Blood Bowl too.

This first time will be a one day event. The exact time table for games and other things being drafted at the moment and depends on what people want to play and how many GMs can we get.
Some of the games might require reservation. Most events one should be able to participate just by stepping in at beginng time. All this should be clear in the next few weeks.

And I´m open to suggestions if you have ideas on we could include to the day´s program.

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Re: Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

Thats fantastic!!! I hope it goes well and I look forward to seeing pictures after the fact!


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Re: Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

One day left before the kick-off. I still need to put one WFB scenario on paper (it's only in my head atm) but othervise everything should be ready. Tomorrow at 10am we start arranging the tables and at 11am first games should start.
Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly :)
Pics will follow...

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Re: Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

good luck, i hope it goes well.
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Re: Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

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