The Beard Brigade marches again!

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Re: The Beard Brigade marches again!

Now we're at the end of the year, how am I getting on with this project? Not as much progress as I hoped as I kind of overestimated how much spare time I would have since my son was born on October.Turns out babies don't sleep so much! :shock:

The (crap) photo below shows the repainted army so far. I had hoped I would have also had the unit of 10 crossbow completed by now, but doing the 17 Warhammer Regiments plastics was a slog and took a very long time. The unit still isn't finished completely yet as I still need to do a proper banner for them. I also need to base the cannon properly.

It's been pretty good fun so far and the army is looking a bit more like how I imagined it looked in my head in my early teens. Looking forward to sneaking in some painting time in 2018!!! :D

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Re: The Beard Brigade marches again!

Very nice start of an army!
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Re: The Beard Brigade marches again!

Looking really good!

3rd Edition will rise AGAIN!!!!
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Re: The Beard Brigade marches again!

Amazing work. I especially enjoy the plastic regiments units. You've done an exceptional job on these.

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