Rogue trader Mech chaps

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Rogue trader Mech chaps

Made from all sorts of stuff, only the scribe is an actual GW figure

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Re: Rogue trader Mech chaps


I can see a whole lot of conversion bits and pieces there. Really cool! I especially like the converted up Ogre...I'm not a fan of those minis in their original state, but with the addition of his helmet etcetera he looks the goods :D

The dude besides him with the epic land raider as his locomotion is pretty ace too!

Top job on them all, the weathering is great too.

Basically, in a nut shell, it's all fcking awesome man ;)
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Re: Rogue trader Mech chaps

Loving the alternative paintscheme and clever conversions here !

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Re: Rogue trader Mech chaps

You've definitely hit the gothic industrial vibe with these ones.
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Re: Rogue trader Mech chaps

fantastic works that makes me want to imitate it!

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