Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

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Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Hi there!

I just thought I´d share my "little" ambitious diorama project to you all Oldhammers out there!
I´ve already come a little bit on the way as i have started painting old spiney...

The thougt behind the hole diorama is that I will try to make it from items of the same period as the dragon... The key words are; Swamp, Black dragon, Treasurehorde, Fallen adventurers, New Adventurers... I have it all done in my head, so it will slowly be assembled and completed over a long time.

Here it goes;

The Arrival
The hunt started after a few years of drooling over the magnificent sculpted dragon... and at last my moment had arrived!
The box came home... with a pair of extra wings. (the extra wings where later traded for some nice corpses


So the wings was a fun experiment... I had looked over a lot of images of wings to get some inspiration and this is what came out...

I used PVA glue, layered about 6-7 times on a pice of ovenpaper... On the third layer I put small roots inbetween to get a little bloodvein effect and as the pva glue is semi transparent when dry the result was a nice...

Painting will also be layered on the wing for even greater result...

I painted the PVA glue on the baking paper in the form of a large arc. Then I just positioned the wing ontop and traced rough outlines of the seperate wing menbrans... Making shure that they where wider at the end.(to get that nice bend in them)
The glue came of the bakingpaper with ease... no problem...
Attached with superglue... And that was a little tricky!

The Black Dragon
So the painting began... and it´s now one can enjoy the awsome details in the sculp!
I must ask you to check out Nick Bibby's current work to understand how god he really is!
Black undercoat and Valleijo colors: Parasite Brown, Bonewhite, Sepia shade, mixed up with some yellow...
First stage of many to come:

Time went by
The second stage (of many) was complete and the wings was attached...the wings where still i little wet at the time i took the photos...

Fallen adventurers
I traded the spare wings for some corpses with a nice fellow over at the oldhammer facebookgroup... the will be spread around the dragon, halfsunken in the swamp.

Hope you like what I´ve done so far!
Keep an eye out for more to come!
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Holy Crap! that looks AMAZING! the paintjob looks great in it's own right, but those wings! those are inspired. Best Dragon I've seen in a long time

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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Very nice colour scheme on this chap. I've one sitting I haven't had the heart to touch. Great to see the diorama coming up too.
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

:o :o :shock: :shock:

W-wow. Simply wow. I can't find more words. Absolutely great.
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Excellent. The custom wings are great, and the paint job is the most dragony I've ever seen. That's the Smaug of my imagination.
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

It looks absolutely immense, I can't wait to see it with the diorama as well. You should be rightfully proud of that mini!
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Yeah, like others have said, those wings are thing are a thing of beauty. Very nicely done.

By far the best painted example I've seen to date. Looking forward to seeing it completed. I'm only sorry I can't help you in the miniature department.

Well done.
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Both the wings and the paintjob are amazing!
When I'll take on my Spiny I'll unashamingly steal the idea for the wings and the yellowish tone for the crevices in the skin, too
You really did an awesome job with this beauty.
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Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Of course those wings are a thing o fbeauty but most of all it's that skin, gosh THAT SKIN ! LIke Subedai said, he really looks like the real Smaug. the orange between teh scale and all, th econtrats and variations, he reallly looks alive like a volcano that has just woken up. If th eret sof the Diorama looks half as good as what we're having now, this will become a classic really. Almost feel like hating you for combining talent and skill but this is too good.
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Post Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:01 pm

Re: Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

Asslessman wrote:he reallly looks alive like a volcano that has just woken up.

Agreed. Colour choices are magnificent. This is going to be quite some diorama!

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