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Re: Protist's works progressive

One of the best Dark Elf armies I have ever seen :shock:

Such a beautiful array of colours and troop choices! I like the Witch Elf unit and the tats (I said tats, as in tattoo!) on the Sorceress ;) :?

Great stuff!


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Re: Protist's works progressive

Thanks all, I appreciate the kind words. It's keeping the motivation up to actually get them finished - maybe even some time this summer :D

I just got a C25 Minotaur in the post, as if I haven't got enough else to paint - like the full Golgfag crew as a mercenary ogre company for the elves. The ogres are the next stage of the army once its finished. From the same seller I nabbed a Ral Partha Werebear; its from '77 making it older than I am!
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