My Quest for the Lost Plastics

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My Quest for the Lost Plastics

It needed a name, now it has one.
That growing idea deep down my skull, a search to understand my attachment to the hobby.

I began in 1995, the golden age of monopose plastic miniatures.
There were lots of very nice middlehammer metal miniatures coming out, but I was 10 years old and the entry door was through those plastics kits of 6 to 10 troops, decals and a lot of imagination to try to build command miniatures out of anything I could get from the recycling or of my mother’s handcraft table. My friends and I would roam around yard sells trying to find any decent miniatures at low cost to bolster the ranks of how “armies”, and search for customers to clean the weeds and branches to get a couple of bucks.

Thinking of it, the pure feeling of freedom going through this whole process of creativity, the rush felt each time we would make an interesting finding and the excitement to share my newest idea/creation with friends were probably the key to how I got hooked so bad ;)

And now, it is time to delve back in those memories. My intention is to compile those old plastics, sometime from Games Workshop, sometime from other more mainstream game producers, and give a couple of those miniatures the look I imagined, but with my more… mature skills! Because yes, back in 1995, I sometimes massacred certain kits that could have been spared… lol

And now let’s begin with my newest acquisition, Battle Masters from Milton Bradley.


20 CAD$ for that box… and its condition is a nightmare!
All troops were glued to the movement trays with some kind of PVC piping glue, but someone decided at some point to remove them, damaging feet and the actual movement trays.
Stickers are unaligned when not missing… and the mold lines! And of course, 80% of lances and halberds are broken or missing.

Overall, that Quest for the Lost Plastics will be a blast! 8-)

Et à ce j'ajouterai, santé!

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Re: My Quest for the Lost Plastics

good luck!
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Re: My Quest for the Lost Plastics

Cannot wait .
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Re: My Quest for the Lost Plastics

Huzzah! On with the old plastic!

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