Bloodthirster -> Daemon Prince Conversion

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Bloodthirster -> Daemon Prince Conversion

Hello, I found this partial pewter bloodthirster for about 8 euros and am trying to turn him into a daemon prince for my CSM army. Added armour, malefic talons and a swappable sword. Only got back into the hobby a few weeks ago after many years. Never really got into 40K before either.

I don't really like cutting or drilling or making any permanent changes to pewter miniatures, since they're OOP, but I guess this guy isn't too rare.


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Re: Bloodthirster -> Daemon Prince Conversion

Looking very menacing; liking it a lot. Have oyu made anymore progress?
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Re: Bloodthirster -> Daemon Prince Conversion

Cutting on metal minis is one of the great joys of the hobby. Embrace it. Sure, use previously damaged or common minis and not that one surviving copy of Gamenard WocSculpty's never released super-baddie. But otherwise . . . don't sweat it. There's none of this stuff that's really unique. This is folk art. You're making it better and rarer and even cooler. Knock it out of the park.

Anyway, so far . . .


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