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Re: The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

Finally got this one done, I had to redo her skin 3 times, and changed the colour scheme on the clothes 3 times as well...

Introducing the Wit.... I mean Echantress.... let's just say spellcaster. Yasmin.

Many years ago Sir Edouards wife died of a mysterious illness. In his ever growing depression, he set out in quest for the holy grail.
His quest led him to the lands of Araby. Why one would go to the desert in search for a lady that makes her home in aquatic environments, such as ponds and lakes, distributing drinks from a golden chalice, in the first place, might be a tad odd for the local peasant to understand. But of course, they're only that... peasants....
Anyway, Sir Edouard never did find the Lady of the Lake, but he did find the lady of the sands.
15 years after his departure, he returned to Bretonnia with his new bride riding behind him on a mighty black stallion, clothed in the exotic fashion of her own people, causing much head shaking among the local Bretonnians.

As for her exact origin, no one is sure. Some say she was bought from a merchant prince. Some say she was rescued from a mad Sultans harem, while there are others that say she is a witch who has cast a spell on their Lord.
Of course no one thinks these thoughts out loud, because she is now Comtessa Yasmin, and they belong to her.

Also introducing---- This guy.


The black knight

In the eastern border of Comte Edouards domain, near the forest of Arden. There is an old tower, all that is left of an ancient ruined castle. When the sun has set and darkness creeps over the land, the portcullis opens and out of the tower rides the Black Knight. He carries no heraldry, his armour is rusty and his clothes dirty, filled with old gore.
His name and face are unknown. It is rumoured that he took up residence in the old tower at the same time Lady Yasmin settled in with her new husband.
When Orcs or fouler things emerge from the forest of Arden, it is said that the peasants would rather try mobilize their own defenses than to seek out help from the black knight.... they say he smells funny...
But He always answers the call to battle when the Comte marches to war and always stays close to the Comtessa.

Yasmin was a bit of a pain to finish. She arrived with no arms, so I had to chop of the arms of another model. I also tried to make her skin a little more middle eastern, but I botched it when it came to highlights.

As for photography, I've just learned how frustrating it can be to shoot miniatures. All the subtle highlights meld together and despite a matt varnish the light reflects from everywhere.
Gonna try and take some pictures before I do the varnish next time and see if it makes a difference.

Current state of the army as of january 2018.

Until next time:)