The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

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The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

I remember back in the day when I was looking at pictures in warhammer catalogues how cool the Bretonnians looked.
I just loved the 1990 or was it 91 release, all the chainmail and bucket helmets, cannons and lively colours.

Then I remember my disappointment with the 5th edition army book release.... Now I still like the book. But I had some issues with the overall look of the army, it looked a bit cartoonish. Where was all the chainmail? (i'm a sucker for chainmail) and what's with all the stuffed animals on their heads.....

Now many many years later, I'm going to try and fulfill my childhood fantasy of making a bretonnian army the way I imagined it, using the 3rd edition rules. For this purpose I've ordered a lot of historical 28mm miniatures as well as some of the original foot knights sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry originally released by Citadel Miniatures in 1986.

The overall goal of this army is to have it very character driven, no ducks.... sorry dukes, Grail knights or questing knights.
These are some of the lesser knights occupying southern Lyonesse who all depend on one another in times of need. Some are rich others poor, noble and corrupt.

I want to move away from the idea of every army having huge units of grail knights, as I feel one of these should be no less than a lord lvl character, so until I expand the army to 4000 points (currently at 3000 pts) No grail knights.
As for questing knights, lorewise they're all over the place, and I want my army to be a stable regional force.

My original Idea was too use the chaos concept of making an army. Create a character and his personal retinue and repeat the process. However, too many of my characters (11 characters for a 3000 pt army) were linked to my generals house.

Yay postman, there's more coming, but let's see if I can make some silly kniggits starting out with this lot.

the slogan is... less plate more chain, less antlers more.... chrome?

First step..... clean up this mess of a worktable.....

Here's my general getting close to being finished.
Some of my chevaliers de notre dame de bataille in the background.

closeup... liquid green stuff alone doesn't seem to do it for the horses neck gap...

That's it for now, I'll update as soon as the general is finished painted.
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Re: The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

Nice figures, I've admired them from afar for sometime, but I've not brought any, as I already have a Bretonian army of my own from back in the day.

Here's hoping they look as good has the packaging, when you've completed your re-modelling :D.

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Re: The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

Really keen to see how this pans out. I had a Brettonian army in the early 90’s made And since starting painting again have been trying to pull together a perry/Foundry/1st order army. Trying to avoid plastics but am tempted by the perry stuff. The scales are all over the place - especially as I have some very early citadel cavalry... but it’s getting there... as soon as a I work out how to post photos I will share
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Re: The Not so Grand army of Bretonnia (wip)

As I still have some Bretonnian knights to paint in my Oldworlder Ally Contingent, I will watch this thread for paint schemes to 'borrow' :-)

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