UrchinJoe's slow progress

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Post Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:45 pm

UrchinJoe's slow progress

Hi Everyone,

None of these really fit anywhere else on the forum (although I started the Ambull with a couple of bigger minis for Big April Challenge. It's June now so I am making progress pretty slowly). I had a weekend to myself while my wife's away for work, and a day off today after working the last bank holiday. So I got quite a lot of painting done and thought it would be nice to share.

The Ambull was the first mini I ever bought and painted. This one's a replacement, and I'm pretty pleased with him.
Ambull.jpg (188.45 KiB) Viewed 173 times

I got a load of the ever-popular Night Horrors for about £5.00 per head from eBay recently. They're simple, look pretty good even with just one colour and have loads of variety, so I've been using them to challenge myself to paint faster. I'm about halfway through a second batch of six, of 20 in total.
Night_Horrors_1.jpg (182.64 KiB) Viewed 173 times

Not really 'old', but here's an orc from the Warlord Orc Sprue. Dirt cheap and looks like it walked straight out of Ralph Bakshi's LOTR. I painted this as close as I could to the piece on their website, because I liked it and didn't feel creative.
Warlord_Orc.jpg (148.91 KiB) Viewed 173 times

Hope you like them! More to come, maybe in August.

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Re: UrchinJoe's slow progress

Impressive and yes those night horrors do have a certain odd class to them.
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Re: UrchinJoe's slow progress

Great paintjobs. I also like the base of the Ambull with all the putty and colored lichen. It must be a nice feeling to have painted the first mini you ever bought (even though it's a replacement) :)

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Re: UrchinJoe's slow progress

beautiful work and very inspiring. thanks for sharing :)

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