Zombie / Cultist Mash Up, WIP

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Zombie / Cultist Mash Up, WIP

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The newly made vampire Biagino’s main source of corpses (by preference too) is the great pile of fallen dedicants and cultists (flagellants) on the battlefield of Ebino. So I needed new zombie figures, as all my others are dead Empire soldiers or dead pirates.

I’m using 5 different sources for figures - Mantic (Kings of War) Zombies (30) and ghouls (20) as the core, and kit-bashing in bits of Frostrave cultists, GW flagellants and GW ghouls.

Current progress = 43 down, 7 to go.

Here are the almost pure Mantic (zombies and modified ghouls, plus a mix up of the two):

Here are the Mantic/Frostgrave Image

The Mantic/GW (ghouls/flagellants):

And here are close ups of some of my favourites so far:

I’m gonna try a wash of sorts. It’s not easy with enamel paints, but I’ve done it before and it has kind-of worked. The wash should create skin then I’ll add my usual black undercoat to everything else and continue as normal.

Only heads, arms and legs came from anything other than Mantic. And the Mantic had a lot of arm bending, cutting, swapping and reshaping to ensure no-one looked the same as another.
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Re: Zombie / Cultist Mash Up, WIP

I think you did a great job converting these with different manufacturers :)

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Re: Zombie / Cultist Mash Up, WIP

Personally I like them a lot. If you need a bunch of degenerate freaks I think it's a great way to go about it this way, picking up some of the various plastic kits available today and get creative. I have picked up the frostgrave cultists, gnolls and barbarians myself to have ample supply to convert cultists, beastmen, mutants and thugs with. The shambling bodies with hoods are my favourites. Creepy :)
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Re: Zombie / Cultist Mash Up, WIP

Wow! Unsettling! (But in a nice way, you know)

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