5th ed. Bretonnians

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Re: 5th ed. Bretonnians

Nothing like seeing a well painted Bretonnian army, really like the vibrant colour scheme you've gone for.

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Re: 5th ed. Bretonnians

The army is "done" (though I am already working on 15 more archers and 3 more KOTR! Just like the original 4 gamers, I'm already planning expansions). With this, the final installment. I've added a wizard, knight of the realm champion, 5 more foot squires and 5 mounted squires. Now it seemd to me that the 5th edition Damsel just didn't match up well with Repanse de Lyonesse. I needed some sort of holy grail priest or something instead. So like the Fat Bloke himself "I rang mail order" (ok, I searched eBay) and found an older Citadel model that fit the bill.

The army now consists of:

Repanse de Lyonesse
Questing Knight Champion
8 Questing Knights

Knightly Champion
5 Errant Knights

Knightly Champion
6 Knights of the Realm

5 Mounted squires with Bows, Spears, w Standard & Musician

Wizard Champion

Commoner Champion w Longbow
9 Foot Squires w Standard & Musician

Commoner Champion w Longbow
14 Longbowmen w Standard & Musician

Knightly Hero with Heavy Armor, Hand Weapon, Questing Virtue, Virtue of Purity
Commoner Champion w Spear, Light Armor, Shield
18 Men at Arms with Spear, Light Armor, Shield w Standard & Musician

That takes us to precisely 2,000 points. More armor for the commoners, promoting or demoting the wizard, magic items for heroes, and magic standards for the knights gives us plenty of room to play around with lists for different scenarios. Moreover, I'll be expanding the KOTR to 10 (then someday 15), and painting infantry until they outnumber the cavalry by three to one. At that point I'll have a suitably large force to adapt to different editions and non-GW rules sets. But the REAL boost is going to come in the form a Bretonnian castle. I really like the new Renedra one, so I will paint a tower or two, several wall sections, and a bunch of medieval houses. Thus I can fence off part of a table and fill it with buildings to defend a section of a walled town. A castle can't really be made to proper scale, but a small section of a walled town can be done convincingly.



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