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Second hand books

I hope I may ask this here. I didn't think it fits into the facebook group, so I thought I'd ask here.

I'm looking for a second hand book store, but wasn't able to find any that doesn't rip me off :cry:
I'm mainly after old fantasy books like Moorcock, Carter and stuff. I found a few shops which covered a few of those items, but I have some limitations, which makes it nearly impossible to order from most of the stores out there:

1) I have no credit card, just PayPal and SEPA. That's why I can't just order from the big 'A'...
2) Most other shops charge additional shipping costs per book, and I'm not willing to pay that kind of robbery!

In Germany there's something called booklooker, which is exactly what I'm looking for. But they don't cover a lot of English books. So basically you order a bunch of used books from a private seller or antiques shop, and get shipping costs depending on the weight. I'm looking for something similar, if anybody may help me with that.

So where do you get your fluff guys? :D

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Second hand books accepts paypal so you should have no problem there, but yes, often silly postage. is very good as most 2nd hand sellers list their stuff there, and often cheap! but unfortunately credit-card only.

Then there's the second-hand bookshops.

Personally prefer mouldy paperbacks, but are ebooks an option?
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Re: Second hand books

eBay's probably your best bet. See if you can find a seller that has several you want, and offers combined postage, or message them and ask for a bulk deal possibly.

The problem with mail order really is that books are *heavy*. I used to sell a lot of paperbacks on eBay, and once you get past about half a dozen, the weight outweighs (literally!) any profitability, even moreso when sending outside the UK.

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Re: Second hand books

When I buy German books, I usually get a good deal there. Most of them cost between 0,25-2,50. And as I'm actually from Austria I always have to pay big for shipping from Germany. But that's not a problem, since I spend way less for the books. Normally about 10-15,- for about 15 books, with 9-15,- shipping ontop. This is still a good deal for me, as I pay about 2,- for a book in the end...

But I searched a while now for similar English websites and had no luck so far. If I spend already 2-4,- per book, AND an additional shipping per book of 2,- it just get's ridiculous expensive for used books.just shipping alone would cost me easily 20-30,- :?

I'll have a look at ebay, haven't checked it so far because I have no account.

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Re: Second hand books

I'd recommend as its a network that many second hand book shops feed into.
Couldn't say whether you'd run into problems with payment methods however

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Re: Second hand books

I've ordered from awesomebooks now. Not the best selection of used books, but I could find 6 books I was looking for.
€ 3,54 flat to Europe and a 20% voucher for my first order nailed the deal :D

I wasn't able to find a good seller on abebooks. Searched a while there, but all shops had terrible shipping costs outside the UK.

Just 5 Moorock books and I have most of my list. Those will be the most hard to find anyway, Elric and the Eternal Champion seem to be very sought after. Thanks for your help!

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