Post Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:19 pm

Dungeonpunx Podcast - movies/gaming/music/comics

Don't know if this is even worth mentioning on here but might be of some interest given the niche content!

My friends and I just started a podcast called Dungeonpunx, in a nutshell Dungeonpunx is for the type of person that grew up on Fighting Fantasy books and 2000AD and heavy metal. For the type of person who appreciates the work of people like Mike Mignola, Matt Wagner, Bryan Ansell, the perry brothers, Chow Yun Fat, Jeff Hanneman, Joe Dever, Pat Mills, Simon Bisley, Ian Miller etc etc and everyone in between. We’ll be talking about gaming and comics and metal and art and movies and how all these things intertwine and mutate together to create a unique cultural milieu that can’t simply be appropriated by watching few episodes of the ****ing Big Bang Theory. We’ll have guests joining us from time to time. We will ramble and rant and rave but above all, we’ll be having fun. I hope you’ll join us.

We've got one episode in the can already and its a rambling mess of a show but covers Frostgrave, D&D, Nightmare On Elm Street, reviews of some recent records, nostalgia, bits about fighting fantasy and so on. the levels on the recording are a bit moody simply because our mic levels were up and down. But its a start. Check it out on or subscribe on iTunes and if you like it, stick with us and get involved. we made some shirts too with our pod image so if you are feeling it, grab one!