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Re: Defender of the Crown

C-64 later with floopy (Laser squadron, Ivo Jima, Rick Dangerous and many many more ...), Amiga 500, 600 with Street Fighter, Abe, Toki ,and lastly PSX with all the beauties like Shadow of The Horned Rat, Dark Omen , Tenchu, FF 7, tons of RPG, and othe freaky games like Thrill Kill and many many more. Defender of The Crown , Hobbit, Lord of The Rings (longest RTS i've ever played..)and many more cool games like i.e. Cannon Fodder. Now ps 2 with Dynasty Tactics 2, and some old school RPG's + MGS,NAMCO arcade games milions of more...
Thanks for nice title :lol: . Half of my life returned to me in seconds.
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Re: Defender of the Crown

An Amiga owning mate of mine back in the day used to go on about how amazing this was, but only played it once or twice round his house.

Anyone got a quick review?
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Re: Defender of the Crown

I loved all Cinemaware games, they were fantastic for their time. King of Chicago (had a LOT of read write errors on one disk so playing it was near impossible), Rocket Ranger, Three Stooges. Man, they did some ground breaking stuff. Wings FFS! I think the only ones I didn't play properly was SDI and Sindbad. The hours plowed into the C64 version (two 15 minute tapes, where you had to swap tapes and load different sides all the time) DOTC and later the Amiga version... phew! Great game!

No idea how to make it a Warhammer campaign though... wouldn't that be a bit of a shoe horn? The whole appeal with the game was the mix of different mini games and how it mixed arcade with strategy. Not sure how that could translate into a WH campaign.

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