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Fluff - 2nd v 3rd

My knowledge of 3rd fluff is very limited, as I never played 3rd, or Woofrups. I've caught up with some of it, obviously, but I don't know when certain things that were in 2nd changed.

Specifically, at the moment, I'm looking at the relationship between Grom (and his attacks on the Dwarfs and Empire, including the sacking of Nuln), Bugman (the foundation of the Rangers and the destruction of the Brewery) and Golgfag (and his involvement in the war against Bugman).

All of these continue to be part of the history of the world, but in different relationships. As far as I'm concerned, Mudat Brokenbone sacked Nuln, Bogdan Legbreak and his goblin charioteers, accompanied by Golfag, destroyed both Bono Bugman's caravan and then the Bugman Brewery (killing Bugman in the process), and Grom died in the assault on the Dwarf city of Middenheim. That's the version of events I got from the First Citadel Journal 30 years ago, and that's the one I've been using since...

... but apparently at some point in the lasty 30 years Mudat and Bogdan were written out of history and some at least of their exploits were transferred to Grom. Now, I know that there was a bit of historical revisionism performed on Bugman's story in about 1986, where he somehow survived the sack of the brewery and turned up at Karak Varn years later and re-founded the Rangers; but I never incorporated that into my fluff. I believe that the version now is that the original foundation of the Rangers is post-destruction of the Brewery, as opposed to the earlier version where the Rangers were founded after the death of Bono, and actually they were completely destroyed in the defence of the brewery.

I've written something about this over on my blog, but if anyone wants to share here then I'm interested in information about the processes and time-frame of 'historical revisionism' (of course, I suppose it's pretty much tied to the departure of Bryan Ansell).
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