Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

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Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

Gary Chalk and Megara Entertainment are soliciting feedback on their forthcoming skirmish board / wargame (based somewhat on Cry Havoc) with 28mm cardstock characters designed by Gary, some of which look like this:


There's a Beta set of rules available as well, worth having a look at I think...

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16 ... n=4dbe0a52

There were miniatures included at one point (Gary morley sculpt of Lone Wolf himself, very good actually, but very expensive)

I think it looks gorgeous and has a proper old-school wargamey feel.
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Re: Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

I saw Gary Chalk tweeting about this, love the cardstock figures, very Magnificent Sven!
Will explore further when I get home from work.

On a related note, managed to track down the old Magnamund Companion book the other day, very cool to see the Gary Chalk modeling section and a nice big picture of his attack on the Kai monastery diorama.
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Re: Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

I think I will have to invest - very taken with the idea and Chalk's art work!

Between this, the Fighting Fantasy miniatures kickstarter and the various Ral Partha stuff I want for the Trolltooth Wars project I'm going to have to speak nicely to the purse strings... :shock:
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Re: Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

The lead minis mentioned in the video sound fantastic, particularly if they can capture Gary's unique style.
I'm tempted to back to KS just to support the minis being produced later.
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Re: Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

I like Gary Chalk's art work a great deal but after watching the kickstarter video I am just not sure. I would love to see a line of Lone Wolf minis again, so there's that.

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Re: Lone Wolf Skirmish Boardgame

I absolutely do not have access it
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