Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

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Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

Let's have a glass of warm nostalgia and share some gaming knowledge/memory.

When I was young... er, that is pre my warhammer revelation, I played a lot of Hero Quest and space crusade with my friends.
We made our own campaigns, kings and warlords were created and brutally killed as well. Great deeds of valour were recorded on paper to be read again almost 30 years later (oh the cringe.....).
I even made a clay model of prince Magnus who was mentioned in the campaign storyline. Eventually he became emperor and later on beheaded by a chaos warrior, his decapitated corpse still rests in a clay sarcophagus around here somewhere, along with a sealed scroll which I cannot remember what it says.

After I discovered warhammer, I learned of all of the other games, Warhammer quest, Talisman, dungeon quest, space hulk etc.

Did you play any or all of these and if so, which one was your fav and why?
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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

Space hulk!! Summer of 89..
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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

As a child I spent a lot of time searching through the Argos catalogue, dreaming of owning Hero Quest or Space Crusade.

For some reason, it never happened.

As a teenager I spent a lot of time in the Games Workshop store, dreaming of owning Warhammer Quest and Talisman.

For some reason, this never happened either.

As an adult with a decent-paying job, I actually purchased all of these games for extortionate prices on eBay! Aha! At last! They were mine!

Then I found them all rather dissatisfying and sold them again.

The end.
-- Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2nd Edition, 1984

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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

Never played Hero Quest but fond memories of a mate getting Space Crusade for Xmas one year. There were 3 or 4 of us who already played some 40k and Blood/Dungeon Bowl. I only recall playing it a few times but seem to remember liking it. Atleast when I didnt play as Marines anyway! Have often been tempted to get it or Space on Ebay but not sure I would ever play it in among all the other bits and bobs I play now.

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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

OK, way, way back...

Blood of Dracula - OMG this was awesome, run around Draculas castle, which was bright yellow, chased by vampire minions. I think if dracula caught up with you, that player became the vampire player or something? Can't quite remember. Probably my first map-game other than Cluedo which I remember playing on a neighbours front step and not having any idea of what was going on. Still rubbish at cluedo.

Ghost Castle OMG this was awesome, run around a haunted house, but a marble rolled down the stairs and knocked you over for some reason.

Then there were things like Rebound and Kerplunk that don't really qualify as board-games, but kind of are. My kerplunk-fu was strong as a young'un.

I was more heavily into D&D and Fighting Fantasy than boardgames back in the day, but we did have a few boardgames in our gaming group.

Talisman is great fun, a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon, in it's 2nd/1st edition it's a really nice fantasy game, has a dark fairy-tale charm that nothing else quite matches. The only real strategy being about when to go into the middle and inner region, and how to handle being a frog.

Star Fleet Battles, I don't think we played this properly, I just remember it being really complex and boring.

Kings & Things all I can remember is the brightly coloured hex tiles and it being quite fun, but only played a couple of times.

Dungeonquest I think I was the only one who enjoyed this, everyone else just got frustrated with all the dying, or me being super competitive and pointing and laughing while all the dying was going on. Not sure which. Nonetheless, I think it retains a certain gallows humour. Also the scissors-paper-stone combat resolution seemed really goofy at the time, but I really like it now.

Bloodbowl 1st edition. We played this a lot, as it was basically WFB2 with some ball rules. At the time there was also a chewing gum brand that came with a plastic American Football helmet as a cheap toy, or something like that. Anyway, everyone in the league had one of these painted up for their team. Can't remember what my team was called, Undead, traditional black and red, chaos arrows on the side, not sure I actually won any matches. Yeah!

Oh yeah, and then there was 4th Year Junior school when all the girls started doing Ouija boards (that counts a board game, right?) and formed a witch cult, and the head master had to tell everyone to stop summoning the spirits in assembly. True story.

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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

Warhammer Quest remains the best dungeoncrawl boardgame for me and I've played many.

Our crew turned Space Hulk into a team game because we always had lots of people who wanted to play and only 1 board. That's why Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel got more play for our group overall. If you can ever snag Siege of the Citadel's original game, I highly recommend it.
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Re: Board gaming through nostalgia glasses

I still love and play the old games I own, like Heroquest, Space Hulk or Blood Bowl.
At the moment I paint my old Heroquest models.

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