Talisman: Realm of Chaos

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Talisman: Realm of Chaos

I found something interesting: Realm of Chaos expansion for Talisman board game. I wonder if there is more information than these, that we could play with friends...

http://talisman.edwebb.net/expansions/e ... n-220.html

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Re: Talisman: Realm of Chaos

That's cool!

I dug around and found the files are available from a very sleepy Yahoo group at:

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Tal ... haosRealm/

You'll need a free Yahoo account to access and download them.

From the board I was expecting lots of copy-pasted artwork from Realms of Chaos, which could have been nice, but instead it's got loads of wonderful original old-school fan art, like this:

Demon of Khorne Talisman
demonkhorne.jpg (218.85 KiB) Viewed 1596 times
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Re: Talisman: Realm of Chaos

I found that board as very low resolution, but I managed to reconstruct some tiles:

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Re: Talisman: Realm of Chaos

Thank you for posting this! I remember playing it once many years ago. It was a fun change from regular Talisman and I remember thinking that Chaos kinda fits the Talisman theme better.
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Re: Talisman: Realm of Chaos

Did Talisman Oceans ever get leaked? (Forgive the pun!) I playtested it at the studio in 1990ish but it never got released.

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