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Remote Gaming: General guidelines


Below I'll try to sum up some guidelines for processing a phase. I hope these guidelines will speed up the process and prevent us from overlooking and/or forgetting information.

1. Always browse through p. 2 of the WFB3 Reference and perform any tests or actions required before beginning a phase.
2. Browse through the specific phase in the WFB3 Reference and make sure you're aware of all the rules involved.
3. Browse through the army cheat sheet and make sure you're aware of all the specialized rules.
4. Perform your actions for each unit by rolling any dice needed on the dicelog. See attached document for dicelog formatting examples.
5. Write down a general description of your intentions and/or results. See examples below:

Unit A:
Charge unit 1.

Unit B:
Move forward and wheel slightly to the right so it can shoot at unit 2.

Unit C:
Expand formation to 5x2 (1st manoeuvre) and move towards hill.

Unit D:
Wheel completely to the right (1st manoeuvre) and expand formation (2nd manoeuvre, see dicelog, nr. 4) to 10x1 and try to block the pass.


Unit A:
Shoots at unit 2. See dicelog for results.

Unit B:
Shoots at unit 1 but fails completely.


Unit A:
Resolve combat. See dicelog for results.

6. If it's hard to explain textually use images to make your point. See example below:

01_Turn4_MovementPhase.jpg (249.26 KiB) Viewed 1828 times

7. Think ahead whenever possible.
7a. When you know the other player cannot perform any actions in a certain phase you can process two phases at once.
7b. When feedback is needed try to ask for these a phase ahead of time and/or give possible answers to your question. The if, when, else scenario.
7c. When possible process multiple phases at once when you're sure the other player phase actions don't affect the outcome.

I hope these guidelines will help speed up the process. If you have any items you would to like see added to the list feel free to reply.

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