Post Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:42 pm

New AHQ website with new rules system, Vassal and TS module

Hi everyone, during the last months I worked on a revision of the Advanced Heroquest game, trying to put together all the best suggestions and effort of the community and replacing the boring table-system with a much more quick and easy decks system. You can find all the details about this renewed AHQ on this website:

together with the first version I realized for Vassal Engine. Tabletop Simulator version is coming too. The game is now centered on Guilds instead that on single Heroes, it's meant to be played as a Campaign of Guilds fighting for wealth and everyone is welcome to test it and contact me if they want to partecipate in the Campaign I'm preparing.

Everything is provided with its template, to allow customizations, modifications and creation of expansion packs. The Dungeon generation mechanics have been strongly tested and reworked so, take a look if you like old-school dungeon crawlers