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Re: Remote gaming, another way, Oldhammer online!

weazil wrote:
Erny wrote:Ang on a minute.

I suss all this out to play WH then you all bugger off without me to play blood bowl and arrange it on my thread. ;)

There's just no respect anymore! What's this neighbourhood coming too, nowadays? Even a minuscule niche nerd forum dedicated to ancient gaming systems no one can even buy anymore is being hijacked by football yobs!

If you're looking to do another one of these, using the noble rules of Warhammer 3rd edition, I'd be happy to step into the breach.

I blame those rowdy South Africans.... er I'll get my coat.

I'd love a match with you at some point Gaj or even just GM one between yourself and another oldhammerer. We have another session planned for Saturday night, if you want to sit in and watch how it all works you're very welcome, you'll need to supply your own beer and snacks though. Who knows with WP's baby past due I may have to resort to contingency plans and you could get a game.

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Re: Remote gaming, another way, Oldhammer online!

Well I'd hate to bring up a dead thread, but have any of you tried out by chance?

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