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Re: D&D ADVENTURE! Chase to the Crystal City

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:37 pm
by Penddraig
Robin settled back, his breathing easy after the mornings exertions. After all, a morning run wasn't unusual in his normal life. His thumb absently strokes the ring on his finger, it's protective aura filling him with a feeling of safety. Robin pulled the dagger from its sheath, gazing at it carefully. It was certainly Elven in origin, it's sinuous lines clear of where it had been forged, it's steel blade rust free and it's balance perfect for a variety of uses.

Picking up a handful of chicken nuggets, Robin returned the blade to its sheath. "Wonder what else is on the this train? How long until we get off? If we have time, could be worth checking out what else we may find? Bufo, fancy a wander?" Robin picked up his gear and slung it over his shoulder.

Re: D&D ADVENTURE! Chase to the Crystal City

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:42 pm
by Captain Crooks
 Spoiler: DM's NOTES
Even though I don't have everyone's actions/spells etc i'm going to advance the narrative so we can get to the next step of our adventure. You can still tell me if you want to change spells etc later on.

Bufo was eager to explore with Robin, and grabbed his sling, and the magic short-sword that noone else seemed interested in. Buckling it on made him feel bold and purposeful, like a real warrior! The two hopped from box-car to pallet, looking for anything useful or interesting. Sadly, there was not much of either to be found - the train was empty. Towards the front there was a car with a locked door. While there was not much chance of them being heard, Bufo used caution when investigating it. The lock seemed simple enough, so the halfling looked at Robin with a questioning look... open it? Don't open it?


Duke was snoring already. With an excess of time on their hands, he curled up like a cat and slept through it. Yngwie strummed his guitar in a quiet tune whilst looking thoughtfully at Rambulge. "You're a magic user, but you don't need to memorise your spells like a normal mage, do you Sir Rambulge? I've never come across that talent before, except perhaps..." The elf paused. "Have you ever heard of clan Kilmister, of the Barren Lands, from the doomed world of Mylanta...?"

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:13 pm
by Asslessman
Seu finished to pack his equipment while Yngwie was playing ...
"Anyone seen my towel? oh here it is! " Seu made a brief toilet since their little exercise had given him a little healthy sweat. He then combed his hair and made a plait of them.

The paladin gave himslef a few minutes to listen to the elf playing, there were echoes of things lost, things forgotten but there was hope in those chords... it made the kight smile and as the elf was playing the last notes of the tune, Seu stayed sat to enjoy the silence after them.
"this is a very lovely music Yngwie, I mean it"

Standing up, he looked at each of his remaning companions "Snakes you said master elf? shall we need cure against poison? does any of you know how to produce any?" grabbing his chin "Maybe we could f try to find some on this train? Hopefully Robin is with Bufo to prevent any mischievous activities, we'll se about it when they come back" walking to Rambulge and laying his hand on his shoulder "you have some rest my friend, you've had a rather stressful day haven't you?"

Seu then went to the door of the wagon, it was still ajar and the knight started singing the very same song Yngwie had played, there were the echoes of things lost and things forgotten in it but there also were echoes

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:32 pm
by Penddraig
Robin drew one of his older arrows from the quiver and nocked it to his bow. Looking at Bufo he nodded, "let's check it out but Bufo... Check for traps first, we don't want another poison episode!"

 Spoiler: actions
Robin is going to be prepared in case something attacks them but otherwise we'll wait and see what's behind door number 1.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:34 pm
by weazil
Bari sat quietly, finding the constant clickety-clack of the train and the general motion of the thing a soothing distraction from the exertions of the previous two days.

Two days ago the idea that he might be spreading Jordann's message of love in other dimensions would have been farcical - possibly even heretical. But here he was, having administered Jordann's comfort in the most difficult of circumstances - during a daemon attack.

Bari leaned against the side of the train, his eyes slowly drifting closed. He waited for Jordann's touch, the silky fronds of her hair covering his face as he drifted off into a peaceful middle-ground between sleep and meditation. There he pondered her ample provisions and considered the deeper meaning of love. In the end, even the daemons needed love. Perhaps this was his goal? Hmmm...

Bari slept.

 Spoiler: Notes About Bari
So, as mentioned before to Captain Crooks but not to the rest of you, I shall be travelling to South Africa for just under a month on the 1st of May. I've asked Asslessman to take over the 'driving' of Bari whilst I'm out, so he'll stay 'in the game'.

His current spell list looks like this:

Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds

Hold Person
Heat Metal

Remove Curse

Asslessman - I suspect this may need to change a little given what we've heard.

CAptain Crooks - that Mollyworld resource that you provided for the cleric spell lists doesn't seem to be available anymore. I have found a few other resources, but I'm not actually sure which version of DnD we're playing and I'm seeing a lot of spells I didn't see in the Mollyworld one. I was wondering if you might be able to reveal another suitable place to find these spells?


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:00 pm
by Captain Crooks
Bufo studied the lock as best as he could with the rocking motion of the train. It seemed a simple affair, no bells or whistles, so he poked his pick in (IDRA had labelled it mundane misc. utensil no.3') and gave it the old college try. The lock opened easily and he carefully opened the door and took a peek.

The carriage was outfitted as a kitchen. That was Bufo's first impression. There were cupboards, an oven, even a sink ('how does it work?'). His keen nose sensed the presence of victuals - he motioned to Robin to stay put and sidled into the carriage.
With a swiftness born of many a kitchen burglary, Bufo silently took every scrap of food he could lay his hands on - it was a smooth ballet of greed and skill. Feeling mighty pleased with himself, he prepared to ransack one last cupboard when the latch on the door opposite the one he had picked open suddenly turned. He hadn't heard anyone coming over the sound of the train! Having little choice, the halfling quickly crammed himself into the cupboard and pulled the door closed. A second later the door opened and several booted feet clumped in...

From his vantage point at the door, Robin could only look on in quiet horror as three guards dressed in a similar fashion to the ones at IDRA Grand Central filed into the carriage. One of them grunted "your turn Varis," before sitting down at a small fold-down table. The guard named Varis muttered under his breath, then unhooked a kettle from a hangar and started filling it from the sink ('how does that work?').

The third guard sat down and said "bring a biscuit too Var."

"Get yer own bloody biscuit Morris" complained Varis.

"But you're already up," Morris countered. Varis swore and opened a drawer behind him. "Ain't no bloody biscuits left" he scolded.

"Rubbish!" Spluttered the as yet unnamed guard," there were plenty there this mornin'!"

"Ain't none there now 'Erbert, you musta et 'em all yer fat glob." Varis shook his head ruefully.

"I never did, and you watch yer tongue lad or I'll have it off, see if I don't!"

"How about a bit of cheese then?" said Morris.

"Cheese with tea? Are you off yer trolley?" scowled Herbert.

"I'm 'ungry!" Morris retorted.

"Ain't no cheese left neither," Varis grumbled, sniffing at another empty drawer.

"That's a load of bollocks, there were a whole block o' Stiff Prince Dinkus in that cupboard not one hour ago, I swear it!" Herbert slammed his palm on the table. "Which o' you has been thieving victuals, eh?"

"How do you know so much about the food supplies anyways?" questioned Varis, with suspicion.

"Them's fightin' words 'Erbert" warned Morris. He looked none too pleased.

Herbert stood up. "Right then, there's nothing for it, we'll search for the cheese and biscuits, starting right here in this kitchen!" Morris nodded in approval.

"The tea's gone too" grumbled Varis, dumping the kettle into the sink with an annoyed grunt.

Inside his cupboard, Bufo quavered...

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:36 pm
by Penddraig
 Spoiler: robins actions
Robin is going to hide in shadows as much as he can and listen in to see what will happen. On another note, I'm away from tomorrow (29th April) until next Monday with no net access so I can't join in for a while. You know by now how Robin joins in...

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:01 am
by Captain Crooks
The sound of drawers and cupboard doors opening and slamming was horrifying to Bufo. Each noise brought them closer to his hiding place. Suddenly, there was a gruff remonstration. "Erbert you lazy sod, why ain't you searchin' with us?"

"I've got a bad back, ain't I?" grumbled Herbert.

"Sod that, get over and check the cupboards down there."

There was a sound of shuffling and general bemusement. "Ain't nuthin' down there but mouldy taters, I guarantee it." Bufo's door opened and a swarthy, portly face appeared. The halfling nearly farted with terror. The man leaned there for a moment, staring hard. Then he stuffed his hand into the cupboard, past Bufo's head, and into a burlap sack. It emerged with a dirty potato, which he withdrew and waved at his companions. "See, look, nuthin' but taters. Seems to be the only thing we got left. Better keep lookin' around, might be the shovelin' boy's to blame."

"Aye" murmered Morris, "I told 'em to feed 'im better, a lad can't work all day on the pittance they feed 'im, bound to drive 'im to thievery it is."

"Alright, let's go get 'im and make 'im spill the beans, pardon me pun, hur hur hur". With that terrible joke, the three shuffled on out of the carriage. Bufo nearly farted with relief when the door slammed shut. He was about to emerge when the door flew open again. Bufo farted with terror. A voice yelled out "Back in a minute lads, I left me spear behind!"

The sound of booted feet approached the halfling's cupboard, which was rapidly filling with noxious fart gas. The door flew open and a rough hand reached in and hauled him out by the leg. A knife was quickly pressed against his neck. The leering face of Herbert came close. "What 'ave we here then, eh? A little thief no doubt? Now don't you make a sound or i'll slit ye neck to nuts..." The man wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Cor, was that you? That's bloody revoltin'!"

Bufo shrugged noncommittally.

"Me eyes are waterin'!"

Bufo rolled his eyes.

"Blimey, I can taste that, it's a physical presence on me tongue!"

"Alright alright" muttered Bufo, "no need to get carried away..."

"Look, it's tarnishing me dagger as we speak! Look at that patina..."

"OKAY! I farted! What do you want me to say huh?!"

Bufo was dragged to his feet, his collection of bulging pouches and bags plain to see. "Look at ye, smelly greedy bugger! What made ye think noone would notice all these victuals missing?" The man's eye gleamed cruelly. "Might have to punish ye, I will. But we don't need the others to know now do we? Let's find ourselves a little privacy..." Bufo gulped as he was shoved towards the door, in the direction the woodsman was hiding in.

"Wh..what are you going to do with, there's nothing much down that way, just lots of empty cars and s..stuff...?" Bufo stammered, hoping to give Robin a warning somehow, without giving too much away.

"Yes, empty cars, nice and private, perfect! Let's just say, you and I are goin' ter 'ave a little fun together - these trip are long, and lonely, no real companionship..." the man leant his lips close to Bufo's ear and hissed, "and I likes them small."

 Spoiler: DM's NOTES
On that rather seedy note, I'm going to call a little break from the D&D game. With Penddraig away for a week, Gaj on his trip and myself out in the country till the weekend with very sporadic internet connection, it seems the best choice (sorry JB, I know this will be hard for you ;) ). Also, I hope weismonsters is well, we haven't heard from him in a bit and he wasn't well at one point - - are you okay?? :S And CVB, I hope you're okay too fella, you've been quiet this week! I'll resume the game when Penddraig returns, and hopefully Bufo won't get the hard word in the meantime ;)

I'm going to focus on my TAFE assignment, work on my April dragon as i'm running out of time (again) and also try and assemble my Lawful Warband entry and make an Yngwie model... so i wont be resting on my laurels!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:45 am
by Asslessman
Yngwie notes still echoing in his mind, Seu leant on th ewall of the wagon... Looking at his companions sleeping was actually nice, they had not had any rest for a long time, now, they had a good while ahead of them to rest an dprepare themselves...

 Spoiler: note to all
As a matter of fact, I am very sad of this but I also have to admit I'll be away from friday to May 11th with internet access close to nothing...
Let's all enjoy our little vacations gentlemen ;)

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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 11:15 pm
by weismonsters
Eggbert took the opportunity of a nice train ride to get some rest and ponder a few imponderables.

 Spoiler: Eggbert's inactions
Sorry i was not logging in for a few days there. Been visiting familiy. I will be back next Tuesday.