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Blog roll!

Thought it'd be a good idea to chuck up a sticky with everyone's blogs and whatnots here. Post a link in this thread, I'll list it below. Any mod, please stick the thread.

Your blog can also be added to the news feed section of the forums. If you want it to be added, look at this post for info on the news feed functionality: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1264#p16688

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Re: Blog roll!

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Re: Blog roll!

I had a blog, but no more.
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Something in my aspect and speech seemed to excite vague fears and aversions in everyone I met, as if I were a being infinitely removed from all that is normal and healthful.
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Re: Blog roll!

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Re: Blog roll!

My blog of work in progress...
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Re: Blog roll! for all you can read underwhelming wargames related tomfoolery.

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Re: Blog roll!

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Re: Blog roll!

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Re: Blog roll! (old, but has mostly Oldhammer content) (current, mostly my podcast's content)

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