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FromBeyond checking in

Hey guys, FromBeyond checking in here. Don’t want to bore you too much but I’ll run you a history on me. Like many of you I played GW games back in the day. Me from about ‘92 to ‘00. I went to GamesDay ‘97 and had the pleasure of meeting John Blanche and Jervis Johnson. But like many of you I got disillusioned by “the changes” and quit playing. I got started back up about 3 years ago with my old gaming buddy playing 2nd Ed 40k. We were just doing our own thing. I didn’t know there was an Oldhammer movement until about a year ago! I’ve got back into collecting, painting, and gaming with miniatures in a pretty major way. About 3 months ago we started a coop, dungeon crawl game based on Mordheim with some 3rd Ed Fantasy thrown in. I still have my rulebooks and most of my miniatures from back in the day. I’ve been adding to my lead pile with some vintage and newly produced stuff. Even scored up a nice hardback copy of 3rd Ed Fantasy! I hope to get to know you all better and long live Oldhammer!

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