Hello from Flanders

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Hello from Flanders

Hi There,

My name is Kevin. I'm in to warhammer since i'm 13 (now 33 lol). I startet with 40K space Wolves. Afther that I started fantasy. First Dark elves, than Hordes of Chaos, than High elves and the last army I collected was Orcs & Gobs. I also play Godslayer. I'm a member of the Green khight club in Bruges where we still play 6th edition. To my humble opinion the best edition. So if you are up for a battle and don't live too far away, just give me a message.

Best Regards,
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Re: Hello from Flanders

Welcome! Although I'm not even in the same continent as Flanders so u can't get a game with you :(

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Re: Hello from Flanders

Hello- welcome! Also a fan of 6th

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