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Hey All

Im out in the new world in Florida. i have a ton of pr slotta figs and have been playing with toy soldiers in some from since the late 70s early 80s. Im second generation, and my dad used to have i sizable collection of ral partha historicals and heritage lord of the rings and conan figs. Through the parthas i found citadel and the wider world of fantasy figs.

I remember fondly in early 88 or so when i first saw the beaky marines for rogue trader and that christmas my dad painting the space ork raiders for me.. i still have them.. i wish i had the blood angels he painted but those should turn up at some point.

glad to see people still playing the old games. I miss the narrative aspect over the tournament number cruching power gaming nonsense it turned into.
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Re: Hey All


There’s a sizable group of Americans here, though mostly clustered further north.

I hope you wind up posting some pictures of your collection, sounds great!

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