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Started playing Warhammer back in the first edition and stopped after the third edition came out.

Recently took a trip to Warhammer world which is quite close to me with my son who has an interest in 40K and it rekindled my interest in the hobby. Although everything else is long gone I held on to the miniatures, I have a fairly modest collection only 300 or so minis majority of which are citadel with a few Ral Parta thrown in, these are mostly from the early to mid 80s.

My aim is to finally finish off my Orc/Goblin army and to build a Lizardman army as well as I have the CP3 and CP4 sets which I always wanted to build an army around. As such I will probably be looking to do some swaps/trades just need to photo everything!
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Re: Greetings

Welcome back. Lucky you hung on to your models. So many didn't.
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Re: Greetings

Welcome to the forum

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