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Good afternoon fellow oldhammer fans or lead heads or old lead heads or what ever a group of like minded Games Workshop circa 1988+ fans are called. :)
My name is Will Harley and I have been wargaming, collecting, painting since the early 1970's, I started collecting Games workshop figures 1986 ish be it science fiction or fantasy, over the years I have painted several thousand figures.
I have joined this esteemed group of enthusiasts on the advice of Axiom from Magpie and old lead forum (cheers for the idea), first to show some of the figures I have painted and secondly to sell or trade the several hundred Rogue Trader / 40k figures who need new homes as I am down sizing my collection.

Thank you for allowing me to join.
Happy gaming,
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Hi Will and welcome. Please share with us pictures of your several thousand painted figures!

Pete / Gallivantes
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Cheers Pete,
I have worked out how to load photo's that I have posted elsewhere but as photo bucket binned it's third party hosting I have not worked out how to do it direct.
Any help greatly received.


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Hi Will and welcome.

I ended up using Imigur as a hosting site which is very user friendly if your still looking for a site for your photos.

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