Hi - new on the forum

This is a forum for all new members. Please post an introduction and tell us about yourself here

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Hi - new on the forum

Hi, Long-time wargamer, mostly historical but have fair amount of fantasy stuff. Some of my stuff can be seen on the Warfactory blog run by a friend of mine.

Health not so good, down to last few hitpoints, so having a bit of a sortout. Have some old 80s GW figures that I'd like get rid of, but just a matter of figuring out whether they have interest and value. Also have a pile of epic stuff that I picked up from various sources but never really got down to doing anything with. Vast majority is Orky stuff, but have some Marines, Eldar, Squat bits and pieces with small amount of plastic Chaos bits. Got some rubbish photos I'll pop onto the sale/trade forum.

Enjoy modelling and a bit of painting more than the playing, if I'm honest. Quite enjoyed D&D and painted a small number of figs for Frostgrave and LOTR which I'll hang on to, but like to see others' efforts to help inspire me.

Based in Surrey, UK.

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Re: Hi - new on the forum

Welcome to the Forum,

Hopefully you see enough here to inspire you to apply a bit of paint to your collection of classic lead.

if we don't, I look forward to seeing what you have for sale?

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