Post Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:28 pm

Hi all

Not quite sure how I found my way here......probably some sort of mid-life crisis

Anyhow, I'm Martin. I started wargaming in 1977 at Nottingham War-games Club (way back when it was the Generous Briton pub). Played lots of figures gaming and from 1978 onwards lots of D&D. The club at that time was attend by a lot of the people who go on to shape the industry. My endering memory of those days was a giant battle board drawn out on paper (must have been about 6x9') with landmarks. Each player had a small party or a single figure, like a Knight. You could move around the table and interact with the other adventurers and the terrain. I seem to remember loosing a dwarf over a chasm for not answering some darn stupid bird related song correctly.....I cant quite remember who set the game up but I can see how it may have shaped future thinking :-)

I hung around Asgard alot - both Short Stairs and High Pavement. Worked on the rules for combat 3000/3001 and generally spent too much time with the like of Peter Harris, Slim and Pank.

Move to Sheffield Poly, played D&D. Met the Greblord at Sheffield War-games club and kept an interest in gaming going through 1985. Revitalised when the Greblord took over as manager at Dalling Road. Ask me about drunken stock jumping sometime.

Still play at Newbury Club and run Colours. Tend to play skirmish wargames these days.

Way too many old figures and rules. BTW if anyone has a copy of Combat 3001 they like to part with I'd love to have it. I think I was always the little urchin with a dice stuck up the nose in the group picture......