Greetings from Belgium

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Greetings from Belgium

I just recently joined the forum, but I've been an Oldhammer fan for many years. Actually a few decades ;-)

I played WFB3 and WH40K RT quite a lot when they first came out, upto (but not including) WFB4. I still remember seeing the Empire War Wagon for WFB4 in White Dwarf, and thinking "It's all over now, they ruined the game" ;-)
Anyway, my focus shifted to WFRP (GM'd most of the adventures during the 90s), also MTG, and then picked up an interest in historical miniature wargaming. I still play fantasy and scifi using my oldhammer miniatures, but often using our own rules that have evolved over the years.

I keep a blog (not exclusively Oldhammer, but many posts are labeled Oldhammer, see

Here are some Oldhammer highlights from my blog:

Our home-grown skirmish scifi campaign, using many RT-era miniatures: ... tures.html
Bretonnian miniatures, along the Mighty Fortress: ... kaven.html
Undead: ... ndead.html
And of course my charming unique Treeman: ... eeman.html
My wargaming blog:
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Re: Greetings from Belgium

Welcome, and those games look awesome!

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