Greetings from Illinoize

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Greetings from Illinoize

Hey, Jay Arnold here. I run The Veteran Wargamer podcast, home of much Oldhammer audio love and many, many other topics.

I just posted Episode 22. It's a discussion with Tom Grove and Chris Lopez about BOYL.

Enjoy: ... il-im-dead

I should mention I'm more into 40k than WHFB. I'm building a beakie RT Marine force, an Imperial Guard force with as many Copplestone guardsmen as I can get, and a Genestealer Cult.
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Re: Greetings from Illinoize

Welcome to the Forum Jay,

Thanks for the links, really interesting to hear Chris & Tom's take on BOYL 2017 - good to know they & their much better halves enjoyed themselves whilst they were here.

I'll listen to your other interviews/comments over the next few weeks now that I know their available and I look forward to hear/reading the report on your game with Tom 8-)

All the best

Paul / Golgfag1
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Re: Greetings from Illinoize

Welcome Jay...I just listened to that cast this morning and an enjoyable hour it was! out for Tom though...he is a bit of a power gamer...his meta is off the hook!


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Re: Greetings from Illinoize

Thanks guys. I'll keep him in line.

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