Hi from Eisenfresser!

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Hi from Eisenfresser!

Hello everyone,

I am "new" to Oldhammer, but (relatively) old to miniature painting an gaming. I started in the early 90ies as a young teenager with some Ral Partha and Hobby Products figures for role-playing purposes. It was the time when WHFB 4 and 5 were around (is that "Midhammer" already… ;) ?) and I was super impressed with it, but really never able to afford the game. (My allowance was s. th. like 10 DM/week (I'm german), that would have bought me 1 1/2 metal figure - rank and file). I remember watching games in the local youth center or the hobby store (not GW) in the city and flipping through the army books… Great stuff.
I later owned, painted and played some games that were more accessible price-wise (Fearless, a german SciFi-skirmisher with not that great sculpts; and Demonworld, a 15 mm Fantasy game somewhat similar to WHFB style-wise - I believe it was also german). During later teenage years and beginning of uni, I lost or sold most of my figures from that time (though I somehow kept all my roleplaying minis).
Some years ago (now with family and young kids) I picked up again and put paint on some figures - I find that it really relaxes me in the evenings - much better than watching a movie. I started with some old 40k miniatures I bought on eBay (just some) and then moved to some historical miniatures (Perry Normans) and finally yet another german skirmish game, this time with great sculpts from Werner Klocke (Freebooters Fate).

Now I am planning to do an army from the old Warhammer times of my youth. I always loved the Dwarfs, so I decided on doing a Dwarf army. I also decided not to use any plastic miniatures.
I am joining here to enjoy the company of like-minded people and maybe find some figures in the trade/sale section. I found that the asking prices for old citadel miniatures in Germany are quite unreasonable - I recently tried to barter with a guy that wanted 7,5€ for a single Marauder Iron Breaker. And this week paid 100€ for 22 assorted Warriors & Longbeards plus an old (incomplete) cannon).

Anyway, my collection is growing and I attached some pics of the first figures I have finished.
2 longbeards back
nain2small.jpg (224.48 KiB) Viewed 154 times
2 longbeards front
nain1small.jpg (140.31 KiB) Viewed 154 times
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Re: Hi from Eisenfresser!

Hi Eisenfresser and welcome! These are some nicely painted Dwarfs. Good choice.

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Re: Hi from Eisenfresser!

welcome and thanks for sharing your work. lovely old-school paintjobs!

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