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Re: Please be gentle...

AranaszarSzuur wrote:Whoa, someone actually made a Heavy Hoverer. Never seen these before.

I thought that said "someone actually made a Heavy Hoover" for a second and had visions of a Henry sporting a battle cannon, a couple of lascannons and a whirlwind launcher...............................
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Re: Please be gentle...

Great styling and camo. The only thing I would do is add a bit of weathering - some brown washes and some light drybrushing.

I have got round the mismatch between my stuff and current 40K by simply ignoring everything that was released after about 1992.

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Re: Please be gentle...

nice :D


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Re: Please be gentle...

Thanks for the welcome!

Scalene, I share your thoughts, but that is going to be a whole new experience!

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Re: Please be gentle...

Hello (again)!

A couple of years have passed since I last made any headway related to oldhammeresque interests.

Achillies rehab, a new job, finishing a new outbuilding (ok its just a big shed) to enable emptying of part of the house, knocking down that part of the house, to make way for an extension, which then needed decorating, which made the old house look shabby so i’m now decorating that... alongside the usual commitments to the family... yada ya...

With only a couple of rooms left to decorate, 2019 holds greater modelling promise...

Most exciting is the permission from the domestic authority for a dedicated hobby room! This is the culmination of a 20 year desire to build a model railway room / create a space for other messy hobbies. I hope to get started on decorating and outfitting this room around Easter time...

My oldhammer interest has been thoroughly rekindled by the chance acquisition of a secondhand kids-toy. As an icon of my youth Thunderbird 2 takes some beating, and when I saw a toy version for sale on Facebook marketplace (I was looking for reclaimed gardening materials btw, honest) my immediate thought was ‘that looks nothing like T2’ - it was far too square and blocky. But then I noticed that it was a pretty big model at about 15 inches long, with potential to perhaps be a 40k RT donor-vehicle for my never-started ‘mobile shed thingumy’ conversion for my tech marines. The model of the container pod is in good proportions to a couple of squads or a vehicle, and offers lots of options. I’ve no idea what direction the conversion will take, but that doesn’t really matter; it’s renewed my enthusiasm to finish the house off (which will delight the domestic authority) to then move onto new things!

Until then!

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