Post Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:56 am

Greetings! Khazâd ai-mênu!

Hello Oldhammer forum,

Some people say they were born with an old soul.

I have an old Dwarf soul.
A Dwarf with an Old Hammer, in fact.


As such, we Dwarves are supposed to be legendarily stubborn...
resistant to new fangled things, like signing up for forums and starting blogs.
I did the latter a few years ago, and called it the Moria Reclamation Project.
You can read it and its manifesto here:

And while I regularly posted to TMP & Lead Adventure Forum, I never took the big leap to come here.
Probably because my blog started as a light hearted skirmish campaign in Moria powered by Song Of Blades & Heroes, LOTR SBG, & Basic/Expert D&D.
But even when it went to full Oldhammer 1st edition, I still kept putting off signing up here.
Its now 4 years later and Ive finally gone and done it.

So what is the Moria Reclamation Project?
Its Dwarves taking back Moria of course!
And the Warhammer Old World co-exists in the same space as Middle Earth. And sometimes Westeros and other settings too.
Right now its 2nd edition red box Warhammer.
And it alternates between true skirmish and small scale mass battles.

So greetings, respect, and honor to you fellows.
If anyone cares to read about my narrative campaign of "certain doom and most probable woe",
please help yourself to some Bugmans Brew, grab some platters of various roasted meats... and come visit me in Moria.

Oh and what lit my fire to sign up was Zhu telling me that someone had nominated one of my battles for AAR of the year.
Thank you gentlemen, Im greatly honored for my humble little blog to be even be considered in such esteemed company as it is.