Too long in the tooth?

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Too long in the tooth?

Hi all. I'm Tony.

I used to play Warhammer Fantasy but gave up just prior to 3rd Edition making it's appearance on the shop shelves due to mates drifting off into other things (marriage).Over the years I have popped my head up and took a look at what has been going on in the Warhammer world but never really with the intention of doing anything with the hobby again. It has just been curiosity. Over the last few months I have had a strong urge to pick up a paintbrush and continue where I originally left off. Happily brought into the Age of Sigmar game. The figures are nice but I really did not feel anything for them when I was painting and the game play seemed a little bit thin.

I found a few old early 1980's White Dwarf mags in a charity shop and looking through them brought back so many memories. As you can guess I walked out with them under my arm. I am not sure if its just nostalgia but I found I really felt for those old lumps of lead. Painting an old Venom Dragon and a couple of old style Rat Scum miniatures was certainly more enjoyable then painting modern resin or plastic. There is also something about the look of a vintage model I just cannot put my finger on that many modern plastics and resins seem to be missing.

My first love when I was young was the Humble dragon. Funny thing is I have the urge to start to collect them once again . It's been along time adrift in the real world, now it's time to indulge myself with fantasy again.
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Re: Too long in the tooth?

Welcome to the Forum, I hope you find what you're looking for.

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Re: Too long in the tooth?

Hello, and welcome. Don't worry about being too long in the tooth - I've been playing since first edition WFB, which we used for wargames and for roleplaying games and for combinations of the two. I believe there are some very, very, very (you get the idea) long in the tooth people here.

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Re: Too long in the tooth?

First edition here too. I migrated over from D&D within a few months of first edition appearing on the shops shelves.I expect many people came from the same background. The gaming scene did not seem so fractured back then and it was easy to find Warhammer players. These days it's impossible to find anybody who will admit to playing anything.

Most of the people I do meet and talk to were not even around when I gave up playing.

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Re: Too long in the tooth?

Welcome to the Forum!
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