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Hello fellow Oldhammerers,

I've recently got the gaming bug again after many years away from Warhammer in my 20s having first started as a young lad right at the start of 4th edition carrying on through 6th edition. After seeing that Games Workshop seems to have gutted a lot of the things that I loved about the hobby in the interim, especially as relates to Fantasy Battle being replaced with Age of Sigmar, I started looking around for alternatives and discovered Oldhammer which brought back lots of great memories of when I first began collecting and some of the great models from the 80s and early 90s. I've dusted off my old Orc, Undead and High Elf armies, and started collecting some Wood Elves as well as becoming rather expensively interested in collecting models for the 80s scenario packs! After a few months of lurking around here I'm now hoping to join in a bit with the wider community, so greetings!

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Re: Hello

Welcome to the madness, which is the forum. ;)

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Re: Hello

Welcome Suthers. I also started with 4th, with my Orcs and gobbos. Get those armies photoed and show us what you've got :)
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Re: Hello

Hello to you from me.

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