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Hello! I got into 40k back in 1988, during my bright college years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in the USA. I treasured the Rogue Trader hardcover even as the pages fell free from the spine, and admired the miniatures and eagerly read the fluff presented in White Dwarf. I never played the full game, but collected & painted minis, some Epic Titans from that era, and owned/played the original Space Hulk edition. After college, I sold off my rules, Space Hulk, a couple of unbuilt Land Raiders and most of my WD issues... but I kept my favorite minis. Now, as I pass middle age and have been blessed with a bit more income to spare and the magic of eBay, I've ventured back into cherished hobbies I had long since wandered from - including 40k. While I eagerly consume the wide current range of novels, lightly-used Codexes and WD weekly, I'm delving back into unfulfilled miniatures wish-lists from the 80s... and have found them dubbed Oldhammer. (My wife laughed at that!). So... here I am: looking for some Rogue Trader gems, a replacement RT-style Land Raider, and other grim emjoyments to cleanse & repaint! Share and Enjoy!
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Re: 'ello!

Welcome AcroRay! It's always wonnerful to me to see another Oldhammerer Stateside. There are a few of us here: Blue in VT, AirborneGrove, and myself at least. (And doubtless folks I'm forgetting, or whose location I don't know.) And several more on the Oldhammer in the New World Facebook group. (Not that I want to plug facebook, but there's an active community, and you're fairly close to it: They meet in Maryland a few times a year.) You might look up the opponent finder if you haven't already. There's more registered Oldhammerers in Penn than any other state in the union. (You lucky sot.)

Anyway . . . welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. And good luck staying out of trouble with the tolerant and gracious SO. :)
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Re: 'ello!

Welcome back! Always enjoyable to see people return and revive their old projects, with the financial backing a ten year old could only dream of :D

Hope to see your creations grace the forum in time.
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Re: 'ello!

Welcome! If you're still in Pennsylvania, there are quite a few Oldhammerers there. The Facebook and opponent finder links above are great places to start.
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Re: 'ello!

Welcome here to the forum...

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