Hello from USA

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Hello from USA

I am located in the US and have been painting a ton of stuff in this strange new age of Nurgle.

Not sure if my stuff goes in the showroom or WIP. Probably WIP would be best until I get each army totally finished, based, varnished etc.

I have a chaos warband going, which may or may not morph into a 3rd edition WFB army. I am also painting a bunch of RT era Blood Angels to join my 2nd edition army.

I am mostly a "Middlehammer" enthusiast, if only because during true "Oldhammer" days I was focused on Star Wars Miniatures Battles, and Battletech. Because GW products were much scarcer in the US prior to 4th and 2nd edition Fantasy and 40,000, respectively. It would have been exceedingly difficult to get into the pre-boxed game Warhammer(s) the first time round even if I'd tried. So in addition to my true OH projects I have painted some 300 or so middlehammer boxed game starter plastics since the quarantine began.
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Re: Hello from USA


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Re: Hello from USA

Welcome aboard! And hey, I think 40K 2nd and Fantasy 4th are genearlly pretty welcome around here. (Quite a lot of those "second edition" 40K models came out during first edition anyway, and most of us have some.) Maybe they're Middlehammer. I vacillate some. Can't ever fully make up my mind on what constitutes "old' and "middle." It's a perennial subject of much debate here and elsewhere. (More elsewhere. I like to think we're pretty friendly here and mostly interested in just looking at pictures and talking about modeling and gaming.) But either way, I hope you'll find yourself completely welcome. :)

Also, be sure to check out the opponent finder.

(I wonder if it's time to start something similar to help folks find regional Oldhammer groups as well, since there's more and more of 'em all the time. There's a general US group, several on the east coast, and a couple in the Midwest as well. Maybe more.)

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