A Dwarf With No Beer

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A Dwarf With No Beer

It's time to toast the dwarven new year. A cartload of ale for the festival was due to arrive at the dwarf settlement two days ago. Now the townsfolk are growing anxious that the new year's festivities will be dry: a terrible omen for the year ahead. Suspicions inevitably fall on the gnomish village half a day to the south. A militia has been dispatched to investigate. Will they find the beer and save the new year?

Great fun at the Scythe and Teacup in Liverpool a couple of days ago when I met up with VanLoon with this idea for a New Year's scenario. Here are a couple of pics:

Full battle report on my blog:
http://wheretheseapoursout.blogspot.co. ... -beer.html
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Re: A Dwarf With No Beer

love it, cheers!

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Re: A Dwarf With No Beer

Great write up of a great game...
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Re: A Dwarf With No Beer

Great scenario and report. Thanks for sharing it.

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Re: A Dwarf With No Beer

Nicely done. :) Typical dwarfs!
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