DUKETOWN- Bristol Vanguard's Necromunda Campaign

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DUKETOWN- Bristol Vanguard's Necromunda Campaign

Vyper and I are taking part in an exciting Necromunda campaign at a local pub. This is not the same campaign as we played in a couple of weeks back... but hopefully will be over a longer period and just as fun. :D

Vyper played last Wednesday, I have yet to meet an opponent (keep moving to uncontested territories apparently!) but have been doing some work on my gang fluff. I'll see if Vyper wants to post any reports here...

THE DUCT'S END MILITIA- http://fimmmccools.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/ducts-end-militia-my-gang-for-bristol.html

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Re: DUKETOWN- Bristol Vanguard's Necromunda Campaign

A very characterful update. Hope you keep these up as your campaign proceeds.

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