Terror of the Lichemaster

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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Thanks all
@Twisted Moon, we have figures lined up for vengeance (Modern rats, some old flagellants for monks and our undead)
But the big drive is to do Bloodbath at Orcs drift and the Magnificent Sven
@ZhuBajie, Fear didn't make much difference to be honest. It was the only thing that went well for the living. (Although we may of forgotten about it in some of the longer combats like the dwarves in game 1). Game 1 is a bit dull (but quick). It would be better if the dwarves had an alternative goal (get some gold off the table)

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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Loved the campaign report. The final battle sounded particularly bloody. I seem to recall finding the same issue with the Lichemaster's fireballs - plus they tend to grant him lots more magic points each time they are used than they cost.
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Excellent stuff, love this Campaign.Ran this game myself last year, custom built the building and everything. Its great to see you put so much effort in. ;)

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